You me

You told me that you couldn’t imagine how am I as a girlfriend… Then why do you keep denying me? Don’t you want to find it out with me?


To you

He feels that much for you. I don’t know what to feel. It might not be grand, but i see it in the little things that he do. Sorry for assuming but it’s true.

Do what you…

Do you know why I like wearing makeup? Because I look damn fine in it. So don’t think that I spent 20 mins for blending my shadows for your unappreciative ass.

Random Thought

Okay I admit it, I’m starting to like him. A little. There’s something about him that sticks. I also feel oddly comfortable with him, like we’ve been friends for so long. I’m just sharing it here because it’s not yet the right time to say it to my friends but it’s burdening me so much and I don’t want it to get ruined, specially that I don’t even know if he feels the same way.

Huh, weirdly ironic right? I don’t want to tell a secret to my friends, yet I’m here sharing it to everybody else.

It’s now 12:31 am. I had a deal with myself earlier that if and when he texted me tonight that means he likes me back. He haven’t.

Good Morning everyone. To you, who are reading this. You are loved and cared about. Always.

Happy Valentines to me

I cried because maybe I know deep down that I wanted to receive something from you. But I also know that that wouldn’t happen. A long day of smiles and laughter, I tried to keep it all inside and pretended to not care. I do tho, a lot.


Me and my friend have this theory. While you are stuck deeply in love with someone, another person is stuck deeply loving you too. While the chain continues on and on without you or the next person knowing.

The sad thing too is that you never knew someone laid his eyes upon you the moment you laid your eyes upon the guy who is in love with someone else.

That’s why you’re lucky when you fall in love for someone who is in love with you as well.

photo from pinterest also indicated at the side of the photo.


I was bound to get hurt anyway.

I never regretted loving you. I fell in love with you twice, which was stupid for me to do. I took the chance, wishing that you’ll love me the same way I loved you.